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Sins of the Fathers

Paperback | Published 1997

In the United States of the year 2038, citizens over fifty are terminated for "the greater good" to contain health care costs. Life has little value and love has lost all meaning.


Into this bleak setting steps John Nash, a government agent committed to hunting down those who avoid their termination dates and whose own father is about to turn fifty. Risking his life and career, Nash contacts an underground escape network to save his long-estranged father. While eluding government forces, Nash must grapple with issues of forgiveness and love, and eventually the heart and will of God.

The way he writes makes you just picture it in your mind. It's easy to follow and so interesting. What a great novel to help combat abortion. If we would just take a moment to stop and think about the future results of our decisions today, Cunningham helps us to slow down and see the possibilities. The storyline is so interesting and takes twists and turns you could never predict. Not an easy book to put down!!


I found this book quite sobering. It carries to probable conclusion some controversial issues that are presently challenging the moral conscience of our society. The author cleverly draws the reader into the debate through the unfolding plot. This novel should leave us all wondering whether or not our own apathy and inaction could condemn future generations to a similar fate.


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