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It Happened at the Sunset Grille

Paperback | Published 1999

For a powerful fiction on the topic of sexual sin and redemption, this Peretti-esque novel is a must.


A small Midwestern town is ripped apart in a fiery war over the Sunset Grille--a den of wild drinking and lustful adult entertainment. Can Pastor Larry Ravelle summon the power to conquer the town's merchants of pornography, or will a dark secret from his past destroy him?

This book reached deep into my soul and searched out the demons hidden there. The emotional and constant struggle of good vs. evil was right before my eyes. It makes you realize the spiritual warfare that is among us. This book is a facinating expeirience of self discovery through one man's struggle.

Love this book & this author! Great message & loaded with intrigue; highly recommend this read! You will have no idea how this book is going to end until you get there.


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