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How to Win a Family Fight

Paperback | Published 2006

It's time to fight right.


If you're involved with one or more people in a continuing relationship, you can bank on one thing for sure: there will be conflict.


Are you married? You will disagree. Are you single and living with parents or roommates? You will have different opinions. Do you work with clients or co-workers? You will face friction. Whenever there is conflict, you will either hurt (even destroy!) one another, or you will build up each other and benefit from the experience. It all depends on whether you fight wrong or fight right.


Let Will Cunningham, in his refreshingly creative fashion, show you how to turn any disagreement into a winning situation - every time.

If you can't seem to break the cycle of fighting in your marriage, then you'll appreciate Cunningham's solid tips on ways to make conflicts resolvable, and to have less of them.


My husband and I read this a couple of years ago and still use the information to communicate in a more efficient way. We are going to visit our daughter in a few weeks and want to pass this one along.


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